Android devices are commonly used these days by many people across the globe. Inappropriate charger or charging process can hamper the quality of your device. Poor quality chargers can drain your device completely and further deteriorating its life.

To protect your device from such damages due to the inefficient charger and to maximize the battery life, learning about the right charging accessory is very important. Galaxy s7 chargers come in different sizes to easily fit into the USB socket of a variety of Android devices.

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Find out the USB socket you require

Most of the Android devices use a micro-b sized USB socket. This is also called as plain and old micro-USB. To find the best charger for the USB socket of your phone, you should check the specifications mentioned on the owner’s manual and product website. This will help you find the appropriate size of the charger.


When buying, any electricity driven device, knowing about its voltage is very important. The voltage of your Android phone should perfectly match to the voltage of the battery charger. Galaxy s7 chargers offer the permissible voltage that makes it suitable for all types of Android devices.

If the voltage of the charger is very low, then the phone will take a lot of time to charge its battery. On the other hand, if the voltage is very high, then it could damage the phone battery and the device.

Current (mAh)

Like voltage, current is an equally important factor when selecting a charger. Milliampere-hour or mAh refers to both the rate of energy transfer and battery capacity. This unit should not exceed the maximum limit of the battery.

Learn about the admissible limits as specified by the manufacturer. The formula for calculating the time taken to find out how much time a battery will get recharged on the basis of mAh is:

Recharge time required = (Capacity * Discharged-Percent) / Rate of Charging

Chargers come in different brands, sizes and capacity. Doing some research about which charger will be the best for your device, will help in keeping it in the best possible working condition.

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To travel in an airplane is not an easy task as the tickets are costly and cannot be afforded by everyone. That’s why for some of them it becomes a dream. No worries! There are many tips and tricks through which can get the cheap air plane tickets. These tips are very efficient and are helpful in each and every manner. There are many benefits of using these tips as they are beneficial for both customers as well as for airline companies.

Tips for having tickets at low rates

Following are some of the tips that you can follow for having cheap flight tickets:

  • There are many online flight search engines that you can use. With the help of these search engines you can gather all the information and can compare the prices.
  • The price of the tickets depends upon the season, month and date so, try to choose such time when there is no rush or when tourists prefer less traveling.
  • Always fly directly as switching the flights can cost you more. It is also recommended to book the round trip tickets as they will cost you less.
  • Carry fewer items with you. Have only those items that are important as more items mean more baggage and the airline also charges you for the baggage.
  • You can sign up for the newsletter through which you will get the news in advance and date of the sale period also.
  • Buy tickets at the last time because there are many airline companies that offer tickets at less rate just to fill their flights.